Famous Primates

Famous Primates

Ape Thespians and Monkey Pioneers

Who would have guessed that there are actually web pages about famous apes and monkeys. In a move to earn number one spot at Google for the search term famous primates we're building this web site as part of the homework for the book HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas' Approach.

primate 1. n. a mammal of the order primates, including lemurs, monkeys, apes and humans ... 2. n. an archbishop, or the highest-ranking bishop of a province.

To ensure you're kept on your toes, we've broken our famous primates web site into two sections: Apes in the Movies and Monkeys in Space. One section for us; one section for you.

The astute amongst you will discover that both sections are structured identically. This is to give you, the reader, a section to work on, whilst allowing us to create examples for the book that you can refer to using the other section that we've worked on. One of the benefits of writing the book is that we get to pick the section. We're the apes, you're the monkeys.

As you progress through the book we'll add to the complexity of the pages, teaching by example. The completed web site represents the culmination of the book's homework and, we hope, a useful resource on famous primates too.

If you've arrived here via Google, we encourage you to browse the site and, if we've captured your imagination, get a copy of our book and get started building your own web site on an animal of your own choosing.

Obscure Ape and Monkey Facts

Ape Facts

Monkey Facts


The Famous Primates web site is intended to form the basis of beginner to intermediate level learning. Should you wish to apply your advancing skills to improving and developing your own version of the site we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via the book's companion web site.

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